Sofasonic Christmas Party

23 Dec 2015 Hertford Free


Time : 19:30
Venue : Hertford Corn Exchange
Address : Fore Street

You thought it wasn’t going to happen, we thought it wasn’t going to happen but BOOM here it is! The new yearly tradition but this year with a Turner-twist as the young whipper-snapper of the band gets ever closer to being able to buy alcohol with his own ID and not his brothers old one with a moustache drawn on! That’s right, Niall’s birthday! What better way than to party the night away with Christmas 2 sleeps away AND celebrate Niall’s birthday <-- It's Niall's birthday if you didn't notice. So what will we have for you? A stonking set from Sofasonic, Libertad and Bombshell who will be awesome! They'll be confirmed in the next few days, but until then, get this in your diary and cross those fingers that you win a coveted Sofasonic Christmas Stocking!! If you've not seen us for whole, use it as an excuse to prise open my wallet as I'll be buying drinks - yes my wallet will actually be out!